Saturday Breakfast

9:00 am - 12:00 pm


Raspberry Fill French Beignets


French Filled Cruller Pastry (Days Vary)

Cream Puffs


Plain or Cheddar Biscuit:

Add Strawberry or Blackberry Jelly or Buttery Spread

Biscuit Sandwiches:

Bacon Cheddar Biscuit: Bacon & Cheese on Cheddar Biscuit

Fried Green Tomato Biscuit: Bacon, Sweet Onion Jam on Cheddar Biscuit

Vegan Fried Green Tomato Biscuit: Sweet Onion Jam on Plain Biscuit

Southern Special: Bacon, Pimento Cheese, Fried Green Tomato, Onion Jam on Cheddar Biscuit

Country Ham Biscuit: Strawberry Pepper Jam on Plain Biscuit

Sausage Biscuit: Sausage Patty on a Plain Biscuit

DF Sausage Gravy with Plain Biscuit

A La Carte:

Waffles: Made to Order served with Organic Maple Syrup & DF/V Butter (DF/V)

Sweet Scones & Donuts: Flavors Vary (DF/V)

Muffins (DF/V)

Bagels: Plain or Blueberry (DF/V)

Add Cream Cheese, Jelly or Buttery Spread

Hash Brown Casserole (DF/V)

Stone Ground Grits Plain or Topped w/ Cheddar Cheese & Bacon or Pimento Cheese Grits

Side of Bacon (2) Strips or Sausage Patty